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Luxms team has many years of experience in the area of plastic card e-payments and banking systems. We are experts in designing and implementing mission critical highly available real-time systems, working on-line across a region/country.

How We Can Help:

  • Design and launch processing center - loyalty program, virtual cards, credit cards, prepay cards/united payment cards;
  • Design and implement custom solutions for mobile commerce and e-commerce;
  • Design and go live with custom apps and solutiojs for mobile banking;
  • Migrate processing center or core/retail banking to new hardware/software platform with specified downtime, or even non-stop.

Luxms will help you to design and implement world class payment solutions - highest peformance and reliability, real time support at hardware and software levels: guaranteed payment processing time, guaranteed delivery time for external systems.

Core Luxms competences in e-payments:

  • Authorization systems: ACI BASE24 installation, customization and support on HP NonStop Tandem platform;
  • Card management systems: development on UNIX/Oracle platform; ACI CMS installation and support;
  • Fraud management systems: development on Tandem platform; CardTech FraudGuard and ai RiskNet products installation, customization and support;
  • Billing: development of real-time mobile messaging billing system on Linux/MySQL platform. Development of billing for energy company;
  • Banking systems: core banking systems and retail banking systems installation, customization and support on UNIX/Oracle. Core banking system implementation and support on UNIX/Oracle.

Team experience with ACI BASE24 authorization system:

  • Host-to-Host connectivity;
  • Online connectivity with UNIX/Oracle retail banking system;
  • Mobile banking: SMS notifications on card transactions, SMS balance request;
  • Transactions monitoring for VIP clients;
  • Various custom modifications (CSMs).

Team experience with card management systems:

  • ACI CMS, Custom Oracle-based solutions;
  • Issuing and re-issuing cards;
  • Application forms collection and processing;
  • Inter-bank settlements;
  • Merchant settlements and reporting.

High Availability and Replication:

  • GoldenGate Transaction Data Management Platform: Tandem, UNIX;
  • Hot backup solutions for Tandem platform: ACI BASE24 data, ACI CMS data, scripts and utilities;
  • Offloading reporting activity from HP NonStop Tandem to UNIX servers;
  • Migrations with minimized downtime.

Other team experience - plastic cards, transactions processing:

  • PIN management: Network Security Processors Atalla 10000/10000E;
  • ATM monitoring and cash management:
    • Integration: Tandem PERUS, NCR GASPER;
    • Web interfaces, NCR and Wincor ATMs.
  • Requirements inplementation for Visa, MasterCard, Diners, AmEx:
    • interchange formats, 3DES;
    • certifications: Visa BASE I.

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