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IT Infrastructure

Information Systems Integration

Luxms information systems integration services are based on IBM Websphere - world's leading integration platform. Luxms team has skills and experience with IBM Websphere MQ and Message Broker products. We are ready to design and implement scalable and reliable integration solutions, provide step-by-step transition to Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA).

Luxms is ready to develop custom adapters for Websphere MQ to integrate Customer's applications, configure messages routing and ensure guaranteed delivery.

The IBM Websphere - based solutuon will protect corporate data on-the-go and provide message access auditing, thus reducing company's operational risks and increasing its market capitalization.

Centralization of IT Infrastructure Management

Luxms Inc is ready to help your company with implementation of IBM Tivoli - based centralized IT infrastructure management solution. Luxms team has strong background with wide range of Tivoli products. Team members have implemented a complete management solution for geographically distributed branch network with several datacenters:

  • IBM Tivoli Configuration Manager - workstations management: Windows patches and hotfixes distribution, anti-virus protection: Symantec databases update and clients distribution, preparation and distribution of system utilities and business applications.
  • IBM Tivoli Storage Manager - centralized storage management, centralized data backup and recovery: workstations, midrange and high end servers.
  • IBM Tivoli Monitoring - servers: IBM AIX, Sun SPARC Solaris, HP x86 Linux, storage systems: IBM ESS/Fastt/DSxx00, IBM SAN, Windows workstations.
  • IBM Tivoli Monitoring for Databases - customizing for environment with Oracle Enterprise 10G/9i, Oracle RAC, IBM DB2
  • IBM Tivoli Inventory - customized reporting, control of installed software and systems resources.
  • IBM Tivoli Enterprise Console installation and customization: single entering point for monitoring and managing IT infrastructure, gathering and processing events from all Tivoli agents
  • Tivoli Remote Control implementation in a geographically distributed environment: administrator or service desk specialist can logon to any workstation in aby remote branch/office and perform the required troubleshooting actions. Administrative connections are secure and can be monitored and audited.

Services and solutions based on Oracle technologies:

  • Сontrol and management of IT infrastructure components (database servers, storage, applications) using Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control.
  • Design and implementation of high availability datacenter solutions using Data Guard, RAC, Physical/Logical Standby, Advanced Replication, RMAN.
  • Migration projects consulting and implementation: migrating to new Oracle versions (10g/9i, RAC) and/or to new hardware platform (IBM/AIX, Sun/Solaris, Intel/Linux) with minimized downtime.
  • Peformance tuning and optimization:
    • complex diagnostics and peformance tuning for applications using Oracle databases (Oracle 10g/9i/8i, Oracle RAC, OAS 10g/9i) with platform-specific optimization (IBM/AIX, Sun/Solaris, Intel/Linux, Storage IBM ESS/FAStT/DSxx00).
    • tuning and optimization of database schema
    • optimization of long running queries and batch jobs; profiling, debugging, and tracing
    • optimization of copying and backing up Oracle database
    • transition to real time data processing based on Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database
  • Implementation of information systems with enhanced data security (Identity & Access Management, Advanced Security, VPD/OLS, Oracle Database Vault).
  • Remote administration and technical support with 5х8 to 7x24 SLAs.
  • Custom applications design and implementation:
    • database design: conceptual, logical and physical levels
    • applications design and development: Java modules, PL/SQL modules, Oracle Forms/Reports
    • Oracle Application Server: Internet/Intranet solutions design and development:
    • application administration modules development (accounts administration, data management, access rights management)
  • Development of gateways for Oracle data and applications integration: PL/SQL, Java, Oracle Developer Suit, Oracle Streams Advanced Queuing, IBM WebSphere MQ, Oracle Gateways.


Pre-sale support for IBM and Oracle products

Pre-sale support for Oracle Database/Application Server, IBM Websphere and IBM Tivoli product lines: delivering turn-key solutoins meeting Customer's business requirements:

- auditing Customer's IT assets, requirements analysis: functionality, performance, reliability;
- selecting products according to the approved requirements;
- selecting hardware platform according to the approved requirements;
- architecturing the solution.


Complex Solutions

Luxms is ready to provide full range of complex IT solutions: from consulting and solution design to customization according to Cusomer's requirements and deployment in a production environment.

Luxms team has very strong background in implementing highly reliable and robust enterprise-grade solutions - server complexes based on technologies of IBM, HP, Sun, Oracle and many other suppliers, implementing cluster solutions running on HP Linux/Oracle RAC and HP NonStop Tandem, domains-based virtualization (IBM p-Series LPAR, Sun Enterprise Domains), data replication using Oracle physical and logical Standby, GoldenGate Extractor/Replicator, management of IBM storage: ESS/Fastt/DSxx00/SAN and IBM FlashCopy/PPRC/SVC technologies.

The team is ready to provide capacity planning, change management and platform migration services with minimized or even zero downtime, solve performance problems of heavy applications, provide custom development services to deliver system software components and applications.

Luxms adopts PMI PMBOK 2000 standard for project management. We do our best to deliver results on time, within budget, according to the specifications and of desired quality. Projects are managed and executed by trained and certified specialists.


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