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V2Chat is a web-based click-to-call and click-to-chat solution which supports voice and video communication, powered by Luxms Inc. V2Chat is intended primarily for organizations that require efficient and prompt interaction with clients, customers and partners via their web-sites.

The solution consists of two key components: first, Flash-to-SIP media and signaling gateway and, second, Flash/Ajax Web-call button. Since the solution is integrated into your website, visitors can reach contact persons they need instantly, without abandoning your website.


Key features and benefits:

  • Free calls for your customers;
  • 100% browser compatibility;
  • Guaranteed connectivity with SIP infrastructure;
  • Your website visitors need no additional software to call you;
  • Call forwarding to your PCs and phones;
  • Easy-to-use interface;
  • Look&feel customization.
  • Advanced Text Chat functionality:
    - Proactive, behavior-based invitations to chat;
    - Chat history,black lists;
    - Chat sessions routing;
    - Website visitor context (source, search keywords, geolocation, page, time on site).


How to use V2Chat:

  • 1. You obtain a code for your web-call button;
  • 2. You insert the code into your website and embed the button on a page you want. That’s it: now your clients even don’t need to dial your number. They click your button, and they contact you immediately;
  • 3. You can receive incoming calls from your clients on your PCs and landline phones. Call forwarding to cell phones can be agreed;
  • 4. You can define phone numbers for calls forwarding: rates for such calls vary depending on region;
  • 5. You can change the look of your web button and the mode of communication.


Additional options for V2Chat Enterprise clients – design studio and API, text chat service, encryption, forwarding to cell phones, etc. V2Chat provides you with an opportunity to improve your customer relations and increase performance of your customer services. Our service accelerates business communication and eliminates barriers between business and their clients in other cities and states.

For more information, please visit http://v2chat.com